Domestic & Commercial

While we specialize in building quality new houses, duplexes, triplexes and commercial premises, our reputation for creating stunning renovations and extensions for our clients is enviable.

We organize our projects to run smoothly, so that trades are not falling over each other, while we keep our sites clean and safe. Our primary focus is on producing exceptional style, customized to individual tastes and budgets.

Subcontract Carpentry

We also carry out sub contract carpentry work for other quality builders.

We have managed to attract a group of vastly qualified staff who pride themselves on quality and efficiency. They do us proud everyday, even with their positive feedback or suggestions on how elements could be adjusted to improve appearance, efficiency or safety. They are just as proud of their own work quality as we are.

Renovations and Extensions

The Buildmore Group take pride in our Renovations, many builders can claim to build a great looking house, however Renovations require a considerable amount of experience and knowledge to create a result quite different from the structure that you began with.

Design Services

At Buildmore™ we approach each project with the same professional standards irrespective of the size. We consider the client's design requirements and budget before selecting any colours or finishes for any part of your project.

Available Services:

You may engage our consultant for any of the following:

  • Exterior colour selection;
  • Interior colour selection;
  • Interior finishes selection (tiles, timber, carpet, skirting boards, architraves, cornices);
  • Kitchen cabinetry and fittings selection;
  • Bathroom cabinetry, fittings and sanitary ware selection.