Renovations and Extensions

Whether your family has outgrown your existing home, you are increasing the value of your property portfolio or you want the right position but the house isn’t quite right, Renovation is the answer.

The Buildmore Group specialise in Renovations, many builders can claim to build a great looking house, however renovations require a considerable amount of experience and knowledge to create a result quite different from the structure that you began with.

We can pinpoint the shortcomings of the existing structure and highlight the attributes that make this structure so functional and desirable.

We plan in advance to avoid the many pitfalls that can crop up during a renovation, while we consult with the owners on what can be achieved in the most cost affective manner.

Clients have been pleasantly surprised by how easy the process can be when it is handled professionally and cost effectively.

The idea of a renovation is to improve the premises in appearance, function and value. That’s what we achieve with inspiring results.

We take great pride in our work, we get a real kick out seeing how rapt people are with the results of our combined ideas, workmanship and quality. It makes all our hard work worthwhile.