Profile 6 - Tim and Nataliah

After sharing their home on a large block in Buderim with their five children for eight years, Tim and Natalia decided it was time to give it a makeover. They didn't want to move, they loved the area and it's cloeness to all town amenities and sports feilds.

Natalia say's "Buildmore wer personalised through out the entire process and ths staff were easy to communicate with, this was the first time we have renovated and we were pleased that it came in on budget and on time. Quality work, safe practices and co'operation were important to us as we remained living in our home, we did expect a quality ourcome, but it is still nice to look at the result and be pleased at how well it came up".

What they needed was a more family freindly home with a functional outdoor entertaining area. They developed their ideas with a local design company, then they approached Buildmore. As the changes to their home were quite significant and they wanted the entire family to remain in their home throughout the renovations, they decided it woudl be more practical to undertake the renovations in two stages.

Stage 1 involved building an outdoor pavilion and removing some walls to open up the living areas and incorporate the existing pool to improve access. The kitchen was removed and a sensational new kitchen installed in it's place with all the modern look and appeal they expected....and more. The laundry gained some shelving with sliding doors, while two external walls in the main living area were extended out to allow a much larger space for the family. The results were acheived over a short space of time and the family did not need to relocate, however they did get to eat takeaway for two nights, while the kitchen was being completed.

Sam Says;

Tim and Natalia have the most awesome family, they are extremely sporty and very busy taking the kids to various sporting locations. A home that is moving at such a fast pace must be functional and liveable. We were really proud of the look and feel of the pavilion area especially, given that they will spend many hours there, it was important to incorporate as many design features as possible. The result is a tribute to the thought Tim and Natalia put in to the planning stage and their realistic expectations of what can be acheived within the confines of a renovation with a budget in place.