Profile 4 - Glen and Sue

Glen and Sue are retirees who have lived on the coast for 10 years. They had their home for 6 years before they decided to renovate. They asked around for a good builder and were referred to Buildmore by Glens niece.

Glen and Sue say "The reason we choose Buildmore for our renovations is because we got along very well with Peter and we liked the way he presented the project to us. With Buildmore the service was very personalised and we were able to communicate easily with all Staff."

"We were extremely happy with the quality of work and would definately use Buildmore again. The project suited our timeframe which was very important as we were living in the house while the renovations were going on."

"Lastly I would like to say that we were very happy with all the trades people that were here throughout the renovations. They kept the mess to a minimum and treated us with respect."

Thanks to everyone!
Sue and Glen

Sam Says;

Glen and Sue were a treat to work with; Glen is a retired draftsman, so they had a very clear understanding of what they wanted to acheive, they made their selections decisively, this can be difficult when you are matching the existing fittings. They always made themselves available when we needed to clarify anything and they made sure that there were no access issues, so that their project could progress at our optimum rate.

Glen and Sue were surprised at how fast their roof came off with scaffold installed and the upper floor all framed, tied down, with trusses ready for the new roof. We really co'ordinated this stage to run as streamlined as possible, (which I might say we have down to a fine art). The last thing we want is wet weather with limited protection any longer than absolutely neccesary.

Glen and Sue's home turned out lovely and I know they will love the extra space they have created.