Profile 2 - Brett and Lee

Brett and Lee are investors who have two children, Brett is a carpenter by trade and Lee a teacher by qualification, taking time out to spend with the kids and develop some property.

Two of the properties they had were in the fast growing Cooloola Cove within Tin Can Bay. They had moved a relocatable home on to one of the blocks and they were full swing renovating this home. The second block they were going to put a relocatable home on also, but decided to build instead. They felt that by building, it would lighten thier own work load, but would also offer a quicker turn around debt wise.

Buildmore had previously been involved with one of their projects in Eudlo, so they called Buildmore as the most logical step forward. "We chose Buildmore to build with; because we knew Peter and Sam and what to expect from their services" says Lee.

"We had our block on 12 months builders terms and just couldn't find the right relocatable home for the street, the house had to suit the block and we wanted a home that would sell readily". "Buildmore's service is always personalised, I know there are a million things going on in the office, yet they still take the time to be relaxed on the phone. When things cropped up, they worked with us to sort them through" says Lee.

"Some trades were difficult to get in this location, Peter gave us heaps of notice for when materials and trades would be there, we knew the way things worked, but we were given the timing on everything aswell".

"Our own homes have only ever been built as owner builders, but comparing to other builders; Buildmore are efficient, easy to communicate with and honour the person as a person, not as a male or female. They are professional and business like".

"We sold our Cooloola Cove project just as it was finishing, so it was a mad rush at the end, but it came together nicely".

"We are looking for our next project to build at the moment, just studying growth areas and doing lots of due diligence. Occasionaly I will ring Peter or Sam to run a project opportunity by them. We are getting closer to finding the one that stacks up and we can sink our teeth into it.

Sam Says;

We met Brett and Lee a few years ago now and have built quite a rapour with them. They have a firm market understanding whereby different locations require different styles and sizes of homes. Knowing whom you are building for before you meet them is a bit of an art that only comes with experience. But certainly if you get the mix right; a speculative project will sell quickly. This was the case with Brett and Lee's Cooloola Cove project.

This was a simple plan but Lee understands the 'wow' factor and although this is a smallish home, it boasts beautiful polished timber floors and a large, quality, centrally located kitchen, with an eye catching roofline adding to the street appeal. When some one is looking to buy and inspects a number of homes, it is the well presented 'wow' factors that command their attention and force this home to be difficult to overlook. Thus resulting in a quick sale.

We know Brett and Lee are hunting down their next project and we look forward to working with them again.