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The following forms relate to the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000. The approved forms must be used by real estate agents, restricted letting agents, pastoral houses, auctioneers, and property developers when dealing with consumers.

The Warning Statements PAMD Form 30c must be used by anyone (not only agents) selling a property. It must be the first page of the contract document.

Download these forms from www.fairtrading.qld.gov.au or call 1300 658 030.

These forms are often revised and improved, so where a later letter version of a form may exist in the future (eg. Form 20b instead of Form 20a), please use the later letter version of the form (this will be the version of the form on the Office of Fair Trading Website).

Appointment Forms

  • PAMD Form 20a - Appointment of Agent - Letting and Property Management
  • PAMD Form 21a - Appointment of Real Estate Agent - Commercial and Industrial Sales, Leasing and Property Management
  • PAMD Form 22a - Appointment of Real Estate Agents (Sales and Purchases)
  • PAMD Form 23 - Reappoint of Real Estate Agent, Pastoral House or Auctioneer
  • PAMD Form 24a - Appointment to Act as Auctioneer
  • PAMD Form 25 - Sole or Exclusive Agency Notice for Sale of Property (Pastoral House)
  • PAMD Form 26 - Appointment to Act as Pastoral House

Disclosure and Warning Forms

  • PAMD Form 27c - Selling Agent's Disclosure to Buyer*
  • PAMD Form 28 - Disclosure of Beneficial Interest to Seller
  • PAMD Form 30c - Warning Statement*
  • PAMD Form 32a - Lawyer's Certification (independence of lawyer, waiving and shortening cooling-off period)

Claim Fund Forms

    PAMD Form 50-1 Notice of Intention to Claim for a Marketeering Convention

    PAMD Form 50 - Claim Against the Claim Fund

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