Exterior and Interior Colour Design

Most people would agree that we select the style or scheme for our home that reflects our own lifestyle, tastes, social standing and agendas.

This will inevitably incorporate A statement: this may be a bold or brazen statement; a seamless or understated statement; a statement that you proudly embrace environmental principles or simply a minimalist statement.

A house or home takes on a personality of its own. Is it playful, serious, exciting, thought provoking, inspiring, innovative, plain or tired? Interpretation of the look and feel of a home is as individual as the home itself and the person contemplating it.

Adding your own individual flavour to a house can be an exciting process. There can be complex and interesting characteristics if you choose to be creative with your choice of enhancement.

You can choose to have your home stand out from its neighbours. Bold choices can show originality and flair and make a proud statement about who you are.

You can choose to have your home fit into the neighbourhood. Current colour trends for the exterior of houses are tending towards the muted and earthen, but choosing these doesn't mean your home can't make its own statement. A carefully chosen splash of colour or the right contrast between light and dark can make your home unique. A red front door, an unusual choice of material for your entrance or just a different gutter and fascia colour choice can make all the difference.

Your interior can serve as a blank canvas so your furnishings and treasured possessions can take centre stage or it can be used to highlight and focus attention and become a work of art in itself. Interior colour selection can help to convey and create a mood; it can bring the outdoors in or even another country to your home.

We can help you find the most favourable colours for your home. You may have seen something you like but don't know how to make it reflect your style - we can adapt and modify so that your house becomes your home. You may have an investment property and you want to appeal to a broad market yet stand out from the crowd - we can help with that too.

Colour choices can be made at any stage of the building process but if considered in conjunction with the Concept Plan, colour and design can be integrated to make the best of both. (For more information see our Concept Plan Design page.)

To find our more about how we can help you with the process of colour selections please contact us. From our initial conversation we can guide you towards the right path to reach the most favourable solution for you and your home.

We draw on our Reputation for every home we help to create.