About Buildmore Group

Buildmore™ Solutions Group was established and licensed (by Queensland Building Services Authority Number 1000455) February 2002. By December 2002 there were 22 staff working with buildmore carrying out sub-contract carpentry.

Sam Sheppard, our founding Director has been in the building industry for over 25 years. She started in the building industry when she established a cabinet making business at the age of 17 while also purchasing her first house to renovate that same year.

Sam has continued with ongoing training and completed a Real-estate agent's qualification, as well as a certificate IV in Building and Construction, Diploma in Environmental Sustainability. In 2012 Sam was recognised with a medal of the order of Australia (OAM) for services to women, to the building and construction industry and the comunity

Our Clients needs are explored and analysed to develop the most appropriate outcome. In doing so, we gain and demonstrate an understanding of our clients needs and expectations. Thus we can tailor each project to meet your individual requirements.

We display pride in our work and a good understanding of client expectations. We focus on outstanding services and cost efficiency and positive outcomes because we value our client's satisfaction.

The projects we build are quality homes, duplexes and triplexes. We adhere to a strict standard that we refuse to lower for cost saving purposes, because we believe that the niche market that we cater for, demand carefree no fuss investments. If a builder, negotiates their standard they inadvertently negotiate the quality and integrity of the project.

We compiled three package ranges to simplify the selection process for today's busy lifestyle, "Comfort Range, Luxury Range and Exclusive Range". We are regularly refining our packages to keep pace with the constant changes in supply and demand as well as technology. Please veiw our ranges here.

We Value Our Clients

Monitoring and planning our success and growth is an integral key to the success of our business. In our business we strive to exceed in client service and expectation every time.

Buildmore™ is considered a boutique building company, which places us in the enviable position of being able to offer personalised service, capitalise on potential opportunities and to advance both technologically and conceptually with current market trends.

We communicate and deliver ours and our clients mutual expectations, we strive to exceed in client service and administration. We construct quality projects that surpass the needs of our clients, while we provide outstanding service and cost efficiency.

We value our client’s satisfaction and we focus on positive outcomes, so we are seen as a group of constructive people, committed to providing quality results whilst managing superior performance.

We celebrate staff, trade partners and clients who embrace, embody and implement our environmental values and principles. Naturally we also celebrate our own accomplishments and initiatives.